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IPAsul Single Burner Stove

Blessing of Glory

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IPAsul Single Burner Stove
IPAsul Single Burner Stove
IPAsul Stove is a very economical LPG alternative - it uses Biomas Gasification Technology to convert combustible materials into biogas producing clean bluish flame. The stove is safe, heavy duty, easy to clean and operate, a real value for money. Now shipping anywhere in the Philippines.
  • Blue flame like gas stove
  • Safe, Clean & Easy to use
  • Controllable fire intensity
  • Convenient drainage of ashes
  • Smokeless & Environment friendly
  • Economical in electricity just like CP charger
  • Pot holder may extend outward for big utensils
  • Load Capacity=3/4 kg. of rice husk / Estimated Time = 30-40 mins.
  • Rotatable cylinder for convenient reload & drain of carbonized rice husk
  • Waste materials that can be used as fuel: Rice Husk, Sawdust, Coconut Shells, Corn Cobs, Leaves & Stalks, etc.

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