Canaan Microzyme 1 Gallon

Canaan Microzyme 1 Gallon

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CANAAN MICROZYME is an amino acid + fermented fruit juice microbial innoculant. It is a fermented solution best used as foliar fertilizer. It is full of good bacteria to break down organic matter, and neutralize alkalinity. It is also an organic fungicide, pesticide, and rodent deterrent.

Home garden: dilute 1 tablespoon in 1 liter and spray unto leaves, stem, and soil in the morning or afternoon. Repeat every 10 days.

Rice field: 1 gallon solution is good for 1 hectare. Dilute 250-300 ml (2 lata ng sardinas) in 16 liters knacksack sprayer, apply either in during 5-9 AM or 4-6 PM. Repeat every 15 days until harvest.

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