Berba Plants

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Berba / lemon drop (Garcinia intermedia)
The Berba fruit originally came from the tropical parts of South America and is known by many names in different parts of the world where it has been grown or sold.
It is known for it’s familiar yellow color and small size. When eaten fresh it has a slightly sweet and sour taste which many people like. The skin is edible but gives a tart and tangy taste not enjoyed by many. The seeds are large for such a modest fruit. In certain parts of the Philippines, it can be used as a substitute for the more popular Tamarind or “Sampalok” as the souring component in making the widely known “Sinigang” dish. Like many fruits, it is rich in Vitamin C and fiber.
They easily grow in tropical places and do not require much attention. The plant reaches its fruit bearing size at the height of 4 to 7 meters in a just few years. Their flowers appear around February and are harvested as fruits around July.