Cannonball Tree Seedling


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Cannonball Tree Seedling
Cannonball Tree Seedling
Cannonball Tree Seedling
Cannonball Tree Seedling
Cannonball Tree Seedling

Rare and exotic cannonball tree seedlings for gardening enthusiasts and plant collectors. Edible fruits, fragrant flowers, blooms all year round. Large fruits, resembling cannonballs (10" diameter, 4-5 kilos). Matured trees can have 150 fruits and 1,000 flowers. Lives in tropical countries, paramihin natin sa Pilipinas!

Traditional uses

  • -The plant extract is used to treat stomach aches and colds.
  • -The juice extracted from the leaves is used to treat skin diseases.
  • -In South America, the Shamans used tree parts to treat malaria.
  • -The pulp is used to disinfect wounds.
  • Young leaves are used to provide relief from toothache.
  • The bark is used to cure colds.
  • The extracts of the tree parts is used to cure pain, hypertension, tumors and inflammation.
  • The fruit pulp is rubbed on sick dogs to cure them of mange.
  • The juice extracted from leaves is used to cure skin ailments.
  • In Ayurveda, the juice of the fruit is used as expectorant for bronchitis and chronic cough.
  • The flowers have good smell which could be used to add scent in cosmetics and perfumes.
  • Fruits have hard shells which are used as utensils or containers.
  • The pulp is edible, mostly used to feed muscovy ducks, pigs, turkeys and chickens.
  • The wood of the tree is used to manufacture boxes, toys, rackets, parquet blocks, light artefacts and casting moulds.
  • In India, Cannonball tree is regarded as a sacred tree by Hindus.
  • According to the Buddhist scriptures, it is said that Lord Buddha was born on the shade of Sala Tree.
  • The extracts of Cannonball tree possess antibacterial properties which is effective against E. coli, Staphyloccous and Bacillus. Fruit extracts also possess antimicrobial activity.
  • The flowers are considered as a symbol of wealth in Asia.

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