Durian (Monthong variety, grafted ~2ft)

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Mon Thong is the most important and famous durian variety of Thailand.  It literally means "golden pillow" in Thai.
Fruits are large, elongated, oval-cylindrical and tapering at the stylar end. The large fruit has a pronounced beak, lobed, yellowish-brown each weighing about 2-6 kg. The peduncle is thick and moderately long and the rind is thick and covered with sharp, pointed, small, conical, densely packed spines. Each fruit has 10-15 arils and many small, shrunken (aborted) seeds. Each locule has usually 3 large, thick, creamy, smooth, pale yellow arils. The pulp has mild odor and of excellent quality, constituting more than 30% edible portion and has little physiological disorders.

This cultivar is very good for processing into preserved frozen pulps.