Durian grafted seedling (UP Gold variety)

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"UPLB Gold Durian Variety"


- Prolific fruit-bearer, yields an average of 137.3 kg per tree during seven fruiting seasons.

- Early-season variety with fruits maturing from June to July. The fruit is oblong and small, weighs 1.65-2.25 kg. It has a thick (1.6 cm) peel, which does not split easily even when fully ripe. Since the fruit remains closed even if it is fully ripe means it has a longer shelf life.

- Fruit borer damage remains only on the peel and does not penetrate the fruit. These fruits are also free from wet core and uneven fruit ripening- a physiological disorder common to ‘Chanee’ and ‘Manthong’.

- The fruits’ aril or flesh is bright yellow, thick, very creamy and sweet with a mild aroma.

- Each fruit has seven to eight well-developed seeds.

- Durian can be grown successfully in Luzon contrary to the belief of many that it only grows in Mindanao.

- UPLB Gold, being smaller than most, is easier to sell in the market, as it is more affordable to most buyers than the bigger fruits. 

TRIVIA: Durian `UPLB Gold' was developed from a seedling trees of unknown parentage and it won a national award as Best Durian Selection in 1995.