Embryo Cultured Macapuno (Mutant Coconut)

Embryo Cultured Macapuno (Mutant Coconut)

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Native macapuno palms can only produce 2-21% macapuno fruits, and the only way to ensure production of true-to-type Macapuno nuts is thru Embryo Culture. Fruits from ECM is ~98% pure macapuno.

The production process takes about a year before an in vitro cultured embryo is ready for planting, and another year for "hardening" or establishing the seedlings to be big enough for stability. The chemicals used are also not cheap explaining why Embryo Cultured Macapuno seedlings are costly.

Nursery Locations:
Davao / Iloilo / Antique / Bulacan

Special permits needed for sea travel.
Buyer shoulders bus fare.