Papaya Seedlings (Red Lady Variety)

Papaya Seedlings (Red Lady Variety)

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The “Red Lady” papaya (Carica papaya “Red Lady”) is a high-yielding Mexican variety that is self-pollinating and can produce 50 to 120 fruits per plant each season. It is especially resistant to papaya ring spot virus, and may be planted in containers.

Its productive commercial life is 2 years. Fruits are short-oblong on female plants and rather long-shaped on bisexual (bakla) plants, weighing about 1.5 to 2 kg. Flesh is thick, red, with 13% sugar content and aromatic. A googshipper. Great for fresh market and for processing as dehydrated fruit and achara.

A semi-dwarf variety, it begins to bear fruit at 60cm height, and grows to average 6 feet tall.

A 5,000 tree project can yield P200k monthly income for 12 months.

Hybrid Seeds only: ~P650,000/kilo
We tried buying commercial seeds on sachets, retail cost is P60 with 4 seeds on it. Germination is high, but mortality might also be high if you don't have mist sprayer / greenhouse.

Starts fruiting from 2-3 months pagkatanim (early onset), average fruiting is 6 months
Economic life: 24 months
Bumababa na yield kapag matanda na ang puno 
All year round fruiting, weekly harvest, money maker

Due to sensitivity of plants, it is recommended for VisMin clients to source locally