Shaktar Grapes

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Shaktar Grapes
In some areas it is known as "Aphrodite's Gift" or T-6-13. This is a Moldovan variety that has an amazing rich taste.
Fruits are very beautiful dark blue (almost black) in color, about 10 grams per berry. The grapes are regular round or slightly oval, large up to 24 mm in diameter. When ripe, the grapes taste like ripe cherries, while unripe berries have a tart thorny flavor. The pulp is juicy and fleshy. Berries have good sugar content (18 g per 100 cm3). The skin is quite dense, but it saves the crop from the encroachment of wasps and protects the berries during transportation.
The grape disease resistance is classified as good.
Variety "Shakhtar" is almost not affected by gray rot and powdery mildew, and has strong immunity against mildew, and frost resistance.