Sineguelas / Spanish Plum Seedling

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1 - 1.5 ft Sinegwelas Seedlings (propagated from cuttings)

Sineguelas (Spondias purpurea) or Spanish Plum in English, is a native to Mexico and the western coast of Central and South America. It is brought over by the Spaniards in the Philippine archipelago some 400 years ago.

The fruits are approximately 1 to 1.5 inches in length and start off purplish or maroon green and ripen to a yellow or dark red state. The skin is aut and shiny and the flesh firm when unripened and slightly astringent or soft, sweet and mushy when they are truly ripe.

They are in season from April to June or so but they seem to peak in May. Although mostly consumed as a fruit, some regions cook the raw fruit in sinigang or use it in kinilaw.