Hatake SWAT


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Hatake SWAT

Solusyun sa BAHO at LANGAW?
- malangaw na piggery/poultry, malangaw na palengke, mesa ng carinderia, pets na kung saan saan nagdudumi... kahit sewage at landfill treatment... Introducing... HATAKE SWAT! (Sewage and Waste Active Treatment)

Composition: live microbes called Bacillus Amyloliquifaciens in dormant powder form.

How does it work?
The colonies of bacteria is activated by immersion in water. The bacterial cultures reduce the complex substances (carbs, proteins, sugars, starch, fats) found in waste into simpler substances eliminating odor thus discouraging FLIES.

Simply mix one (1) gram per one (1) liter of chlorine-free water and place this solution inside a sprayer.

Eliminate odor from an open sewage canal, septic tanks before disposing them in the open (ocean), landfills, etc.

SWAT can also be used to spray and deodorize waste bins, dog kennels, bird cage, aviaries, poultry, and veterinary clinics. Pwede pa nga gawing bad breath treatment, kilikili power treatment, alipunga treatment...

SWAT can also be used to rapidly decompose organic waste and compost.

SWAT is 100% organic and safe.

The Bioactive engriedient of SWAT is imported from Japan.

SRP is P550/pack of 100g.

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