Tissue Cultured Banana Plantlets (Cardava Variety)

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Tissue Cultured Banana Plantlets
~10-15 inches tall (these size are easier to condition. taller seedlings will take 2-3 weeks conditioning time)

What is Banana Tissue culture?

Tissue culture is the science of multiplying clean disease-free planting materials of different crops and you have many identical copies of the same variety without changing the taste and any other physical attribute of the plant.

This tissue culture work is done in agricultural laboratories and then the plants are raised in nursery beds where farmers can buy them ready for planting.

Why tissue culture?

Suckers generally may be infected with some pathogens and nematodes.

Similarly, due to the variation in age and size of sucker the crop is not uniform, harvesting is prolonged and management becomes difficult.

Tissue culture technique is composed of five important steps such as Initiation of aseptic culture, Multiplication, Shooting and Rooting, Primary hardening in greenhouse and Secondary hardening in shade net houses.

Advantages of Tissue Culture Technique in Banana:

True to the type of mother plant. No room for variations in a well managed plant production.

Banana plantlets of Tissue Culture are disease free at the time of planting. Same conditions can be maintained by proper crop maintenance practices.

Banana tissue culture plantlets are available throughout the year. So bananas, can be grown year around without any shortage of tissue cultured plant material.

The other biggest advantage is that tissue cultured banana plants produces uniform maturity of the fruits which can make harvesting process easy and reduce labor cost.

Ratoon crop ( The main benefit of ratooning is that the crop matures earlier in the season) is a unique feature of Tissue culture banana plants.

Using tissue culture plants, one can obtain 3 crops in 30 to 32 months period which can save 4 to 5 months of cultivation period in the field.

95 to 98% plants bear big bunches.

High benefit to cost ratio ensure good profits.

If you are thinking of serious banana growing business, consider using tissue culture plantlets.

With tissue culture, you don't have to wait for the second generation to harvest big bunches.. You start with big uniform bunches.

Mass propagation of disease-free high yielding clones to produce consistently uniform and true to type plants by tissue culture is the only alternative for banana plantations.

Ready to harvest within a year with 20kg average fruits production per hill, and bananas are self-replicating. Plant once, and they can regenerate new suckers for the next cycle.

An average banana can produce ~25 kilograms of fruits per bunch, and may be sold for around P50-60/kilo on wet market retail. That's up to P1,500 return per plant (~2000% gross ROI) after a year, from a capital of P50 / sapling.

Maganda magtanim ng saging, dahil sa lahat ng pananim, ito lang ang may puso. Kung gusto ninyong magtanim, mag comment lang po, i match up namin kayo sa mga gusto magsponsor. Ibabalik nyo din ang pinahiram after nyo magharvest, para marolling ulit sa iba pang gustong magtanim.

Sa may mga nakatiwangwang na lupa jan na hindi naman gagamitin sa loob ng 9 months, tamnan na lng muna ng saging para may produkto.